Tibet 17th century 

Silver with gold pigment (cold gold)

14 cm

This charming and well balanced Buddha image shows clearly the image- making inheritance which Tibetans gained from India and Nepal. The image sits on a quite high lotus base, a style not uncommon in the so-called ‘Pala Revival Style’ of the 18th cent in Tibet. It is not entirely beyond probability that this image had its origins in that period in a typical Central Tibetan workshop. The figure displays all the classical features of the Buddha such as the usnisa ‘bump’, the raised head, the slight downward gaze, the broad chest, highly stylized and decorated robes and the firmly seated position which suggests the immovability of Buddha’s Enlightenment.




914 公分

這尊迷人又充滿勻衡美感的佛像清晰地展示了藏族工匠繼承印度和尼泊爾藝術和傳統。 坐在一個比較高的蓮花座上,這種風格在十八世紀西藏出現的「帕拉復興」並不少見。 工藝師可能源於西藏中部。此銀佛造像具有古典佛陀的特徴:髪肉髻丶略微向下的凝 視、寛闊的胸膛、華麗佛袍和堅定的坐姿,表現佛陀成道的意志。

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