Nepal Malla Divine Hatha Dya Bhairava Sacred Beer Jar
尼泊爾古神聖雨缸 馬拉陪臚聖酒缸
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Divine Ancestor Hatha Dya / Bhairava Sacred Beer Jar

尼泊爾古神聖雨缸 / 陪臚聖酒缸

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Nepal Kathmandu / 尼泊爾加德滿都

Early Malla 13th century / 馬拉皇朝 十三世紀

Terra-cotta / 燒陶

46 x 51 x 36 cm / 公分

QED Laboratoire Test/ QED 實驗杆測試編號  




Godwin collection, Seattle USA since 1980s 

Exhibition & publication

Harmonious Virtue ― Highlighting Gerry & Pamela Virtue Buddhist & Hindu art collection”, Hollywood Galleries, Hong Kong, Sept 29- Oct 13, 2018. p. 52, no. 23. 

This sacred jar of Bhairava represents the wrathful form of Lord Shiva, the National God in Nepal.  The pot was commissioned during the Malla period specially for annual celebration by the mass in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal.  During the festival, the jar would be filled with sanctified beer.  The beverage spurted out from mouth of the Bhairava between his front teeth.  Both Hindu and Buddhist practitioners would receive the blessings by drinking the beer.  It represents an auspicious and significant offering to Lord Shiva.  This is an extremely rare and early extant example preserved in marvelous condition.  The Jar is made in one piece in terracotta and painted with deep and vivid color pigments.  This  Bhairava has three bulging and ferocious looking eyes.  His forehead has one peaceful looking Shiva head flanked with four smiling nagas (snakes) and four skulls.  There is no noticable damage nor repair, except the missing earrings.    




“融和 · 特別介紹 霍崔佛教及印度敎藝術珍藏 ”東寶齋,香港,2018年9月29日至10月13日,頁52,號23。

陪臚,尼泊爾民族濕婆神的忿怒相。在尼泊爾馬拉皇朝十三世紀特別為加德滿都谷地的慶祝節日而建造。在節日期間罐子盛滿了受過祝福的飲料,從牙縫中流出,讓民眾(印度教徒和佛教徒)獲得祝福和庇護。  這是一個非常罕見的早期器皿更難得的是品相接近完美毗濕奴三隻凸起來眼睛,沒有令人生畏的感覺。前額上有一慈悲面譜,旁邊有四個納迦(蛇神)和四個骷髏頭,顯示毗濕奴的威嚴和慈悲,令人喜歡。保存面上色彩,當是歷年慶典時不斷添加。除了遺失耳環裝飾,此器皿沒有明顯損壞或修復,是難能可貴珍品。

Rain and Ritual


“Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Ritual.” Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Ritual, by Gautamavajra Vajrācārya et al., Rubin Museum of Art, 2016, pp. 145–147.

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