16th century / 十六世紀

Southern Tibet or Mustang 


Wood / 木

H 38.8 cm / 公分


Benny Rustenburg Collection, Netherlands Early 1970s - 1983

German Private Collection 1980s - 2010s


班尼 · 勒斯滕堡荷蘭1970年代早期-1983年收藏 

德國1980年代 - 2010年代私人收藏


“Harmonious Virtue ― highlighting Gerry & Pamela Virtue Buddhist & Hindu Art Collection”, Hollywood Galleries, Hong Kong, Sept 28-Oct 13, 2018. 


Hollywood Galleries, “Harmonious Virtue ― highlighting Gerry & Pamela Virtue Buddhist & Hindu Art Collection”,  2018. p.43,46-47, no. 21.


“融和 · 特別介紹霍崔佛教及印度敎藝術珍藏 ”東寶齋,香港,2018年9月28日至10月13日。


東寶齋,“融和 · 特別介紹霍崔佛教及印度敎藝術珍藏 ”, 2018年。 頁43, 46-47,編號21。

Vajrapani is an important wrathful meditation deity and one of the main protectors in Vajrayana Buddhism. He is the “Vajra Holder” and the “Lord of Secrets”.  His iconographical features including the vajra in his right hand, the snake surrounding his belly, the corpse trampling under his feet and the tiger skin wrapping around his shoulders are all vividly expressed in the sculpture.Another intricate detail of this statue is the tiger head with bulging eyes and open mouth protruded from his right armpit. The sculpture is in good condition except for a missing finger on his left hand in the expelling mudra and some minor chips on the toes and fingers. The Vajrapani is finished in one solid piece of wood.


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