Central Tibet / 西藏中部

14-15th century / 十四至十五世紀

Gilt copper alloy/ 銅鎏金

H 10.4 cm / 公分

Provenance   Dr. Phillip and Patricia Adams Collection, Australia 

來源   澳洲 菲利普和帕特里夏亞當斯 醫生夫婦收藏


The Touch of Devotion ― private Buddhist art collections”, International Antiques Fair, Hong Kong, May 25-29, 2018 


Hollywood Galleries, “― private Buddhist art collections”, Hong Kong, 2018, p. 10-11, no. 3.



“膜拜 · 私人佛教藝術珍藏”



東寶齋,“膜拜 · 私人佛教藝術珍藏”, 2018年。 10-11,編號3。

Diamond sow

Vajravarahi is a wrathful form of 

Vajrayogini; she is one of the most popular Tantric female deities. She is specially worshipped in the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddism. When Vajravarahi appears in the Yab-yum form with Chakrasamvara(father-mother), it symbolizes the merging of wisdom and compassion. 

This finely detailed small statue of 

Vajravarahi shows her dancing on a human corpse on top of the lotus pedestal. She has a small sow head (varahi) emerging from the right side of her head.  

Vajravarahi has three eyes, one vertically 

located on the forehead, between the eyebrows, also known as the eye of spiritual wisdom. She holds a chopper (karttrika) in her raised right hand, to overcome 

demonic obstructions. In her left hand, she holds a skull-cup (kapala) in front of her chest. She wears a long garland of human skulls, a billowing scarf, earrings, bracelets and a five-skull crown.  

The statue is consecrated and the bottom 

is sealed with a gilded copper plate engraved with a double dorje within a circle. This statue is very similar to a group of central Tibetan 14-15th century larger gilded statues identified as having come from Densatil.


金剛亥母是金剛瑜伽母的忿怒形象,她是藏傳佛教噶舉派最受歡迎的密宗女神之一。 她是勝樂金剛的明妃,代表智慧和慈悲的融合。

金剛亥母造像以單腿舞姿腳踏人屍于單層蓮座上。 女神面容慈悲,頭右側長有一豬形頭。 右手高舉執鋼鉞刀,斬除一切惡魔障礙。 左手托盈血顱骨器(卡帕拉)。 頭戴五骷髏寶冠,頸掛人頭飾項鏈低垂至足踝。 珠寶滿身,華麗非凡。 體態優美,婀娜多姿。 肩膀兩側飾有飄帶,越顯貴氣。

銅像以鎏金銅片封底,銅片刻有十字金剛杵,非常珍貴。 此造像極具十五世紀西藏中部丹薩替寺廟造像風格。

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