Triguk 鐮刀

Triguk 鐮刀

Triguk 銅柄鐵刃 

Tibet / 西藏

13-14th century / 十三至十四世紀 

Bronze and iron / 銅與鐵

H 24cm / 公分

An interesting ritual-use Water Knife, called Triguk in Tibetan.  The handle of the knife is made in rich brown color copper.  A five-prongs Vajra handle and a mystic animal Makala head with an opened mouth suggest this was used by Buddhist devotees in Himalayan.  The blade is casted in iron, the shape has similarity to early Indian Mughal weapon.  A trace of red paint remains on the blade.   

少見的法器䥥刀,在藏語中稱為Triguk。 刀柄由豐富的棕色銅製成。 一個五股金剛杵手柄和馬卡拉頭張開大口,表明這是喜馬拉雅山的佛教信徒使用的法器。 刀刃用鐵鑄造,形狀與早期的印度莫臥兒武器相似。 刀片上留有一絲紅漆。

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