Milarepa Shrine 

Milarepa Shrine 密勒日巴佛龕

Milarepa Shrine 


རྗེ་བཙུན་མི་ལ་རས་པ (1052-1135)

16th century / 十六世紀

Tibet, Kagyu

西藏, 噶舉派

Bronze / 銅

H 13.4 cm / 公分

Provenance  Edward O’Neill Collection from the 1970s and 80s

來源  Edward O’Neill 七十至八十年代收藏


The Touch of Devotion ― private Buddhist art collections”, International Antiques Fair, Hong Kong, May 25-29, 2018 


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“膜拜 · 私人佛教藝術珍藏”



東寶齋,“膜拜 · 私人佛教藝術珍藏”, 2018年。 45,編號32。

This sacred shrine depicts Milarepa in his meditative retreat inside a mountain cave where he magically calmed a frightened wild deer and summoned the hunter and the hunting dog all before him. They listened to his preaching in harmony and became followers of Buddhism. The bronze sculpture gives vivid description of the historical scene and is cast in good relief.

這佛龕顯示密勒日巴隱居深山靜心修行的情景。 密勒日巴在安撫着一隻受驚的野鹿,並對着獵人和獵狗説教,終於令他們放棄殺生,接受佛陀的教誨。 密勒日巴表現他典型的造型:右手高舉耳邊,收聽大自然的呼喚,從修行中成道。

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