Mahasiddha Mahila 

Mahasiddha Mahila 大成就者馬嘻拉巴

Mahasiddha Mahila “The Braggart” 


Tibet / 西藏

Late 19th century / 晚十九世紀 

Paper / 紙

68 x 48 cm / 公分  


Netherlands Private Collection


“Glory to Mahila“

Exhibition & publication

Harmonious Virtue ― Highlighting Gerry & Pamela Virtue Buddhist & Hindu art collection”, Hollywood Galleries, Hong Kong, Sept 29- Oct 13, 2018. p. 56, no. 25. 






“融和 · 特別介紹 霍崔佛教及印度敎藝術珍藏 ”東寶齋,香港,2018年9月29日至10月13日,頁56,號25。

This beautiful set of two large and relatively late paintings portray two of the eighty-four Indian yogis who became Mahasiddhas by realization and practicing toward the path of Vajrayana Buddhism.

One of them is identified as Mahila “The Braggart” from Magadha, southern Bihar, India. He purified his own arrogance and showed his followers to the path to obtain siddhi. The other one is Kanhapa/Krsnacharya “The Dark Master” or the “Dark-skinned One”, from Southern part of India. He has magical power to order the seven damaru skull drums and canopies to float and to make sounds in the air.

這對唐卡描繪八十四位大成就者的其中兩位。第一位來自印度比哈爾邦南部馬加達的大成就者馬喜拉巴外號“狂妄自大者 ”。他放下自己的傲慢自我,向追隨者展示了修成正果的道路。另一位來自印度南部的大成就者岡那巴外號「黑暗大師」或「黑皮大師」。他為了展示自己的玄通力量,令七個骷髏鼓和七個簷蓬漂浮於空中。這兩張唐卡顯然受到西藏東部畫風影響:畫中有明顯留白的地方。

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