གཤིན་རྗེ་གཤེད་ནག། ནག་པོ། 

14th century / 十四世紀

Tibet, Nyingma or Drikung Kagyu school

西藏 寧瑪派或噶舉派直貢

Copper alloy with red pigment / 銅合金、 紅礦料

H 10 cm / 公分


Sotheby’s London Nov, 1987. Lot 48.

Dr. Phillip and Patricia Adams Collection, Australia


1987年11月,蘇富比倫敦拍賣, Lot 48

菲利普和帕特里夏亞當斯 醫生夫婦收藏

Exhibition & Publication

“The Touch of Devotion ― private Buddhist art collections”, International Antiques Fair, Hong Kong, May 25-29, 2018 


“膜拜 · 私人佛教藝術珍藏”



東寶齋,“膜拜 · 私人佛教藝術珍藏”, 2018年。 52-53,編號1。


Jeff, Watt. Yamari, Krishna, Himalayanart.org, April 2007, www.himalayanart.org/items/1043

The Black Killer of Death  

Krishna Yamari - the Black Killer of Death, is one of the most powerful and fierce male wrathful deities. Yamari is a 

“Yidam” – meditational deity; there are many yidams within the Tantric Buddhist pantheon, they are often classified according to whether they appear in peaceful and wrathful form. Krishna (black) Yamri is grouped within the three principal wrathful deities; the other two are Rakta (red) Yamri, and Vajrabhairava (terrifying).


Krishna Yamari is a rare but powerful deity. His origin is still shrouded in mystery. There do not appear to be many literatury sources for this rare deity. Krishna Yamari appears on only a few existing early Tibetan thangkas, providing important references for understanding his origin. One, an extraordinary depiction of Krishna Yamari, is in the collection of the Rubin Museum of art (HAR no. 1043 as shown in below picture), a thangka painted in the 14th century. Bronze statues of this deity are especially rare. Only a few have survived over the centuries. A large figure of this “Yidam”, with the same iconography, and a missing base was sold in Sotheby’s NYC on December 18th 1981, which was illustrated on the catalogue cover.

This bronze figure is an exquisite sculpture of Krishna Yamari. He has 3 faces, the main face would be dark blue, and the other two facing the back would be in red and white. He has six arms and four legs, standing in pratyalidha asana on a beautifully carved full double lotus base. His hands are holding a danda-human corpse, lasso and various weapons. His expression is extremely fierce with three bulging eyes, opened mouth, and protruding fangs. He wears a garland of human heads and three different skins covering his lower body — human, elephant and tiger.


又名黑威羅瓦金剛,是一位非常罕見充滿力量的男性忿怒神。 除了黑閻魔之外,藏傳佛教重要憤怒神還有紅閻魔敵和大威德金剛。 這三位護法均為文殊菩薩的忿怒化身。

美國紐約魯賓博物館珍藏十四世紀黑閻魔敵雙修唐卡(HAR編號1043,下圖)。 銅像非常罕見,1981年12月18曰蘇富比拍賣圖錄封面曾出現過一尊體型較大的黑閻魔敵銅像(編號338)。

右圖是黑閻魔敵難得精美作品。 體型雖小,造型雄壯有力。 此尊獨雄黑閻魔敵造像有三頭、六臂和四腿。 從唐卡見到三頭的正面呈深藍色、朝向後方的面是白色和紅色。 正面三眼炯炯有神,咀露尖牙,生動活潑。 六手各持骷髏杖、套索和不同法器。 上身裸露,身戴蛇鏈和一串人頭鏈,以戰鬥姿勢站立橢圓型雙層蓮座。最有趣是下身披著白象皮、虎皮和人皮,造功精細

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