Ganesh 象鼻天

Ganesh 象鼻天




15-16th century / 十五至十六世紀

Central India


Copper alloy / 銅合金

H 11.8 cm / 公分

Ganesh is one of the most loved of the Hindu Gods. Vitually every Hindu temple has a shrine to Ganesh. He is the son of Shiva and Parvati, and he is worshipped for wealth, wisdom, the ability to overcome all obstacles, and new beginnings. Ganesh has an elephant head, four arms and pot belly. In his hands he holds a paraśu (axe), an ankuśa (elephant goad), a broken tusk and a bowl of sweets. Ganesha is attended by his vehicle the rat.  

一位廣受喜愛的印度教神,印度濕婆神和帕爾瓦蒂的兒子,他代表了財富和智慧。 他有一頭大象頭和四隻手臂。 他手裡拿著一帕拉蘇(斧),大象棍棒,珠寶,和一個斷掉的象牙。 

Provenance     Dr. Phillip and Patricia Adams Collection, Australia  

來源      菲利普和帕特里夏亞當斯 醫生夫婦收藏  


“The Touch of Devotion ― private Buddhist art collections”, International Antiques Fair, Hong Kong, May 25-29, 2018   


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