Drukpa Kargupa 

Drukpa Kargupa 竹巴噶舉巴



16-17th century / 十六至十七世紀

Tibet or Bhutan, Kagyu Drukpa

西藏或不丹, 噶舉派分枝下竹巴派

Copper alloy / 銅合金

H 11 cm / 公分

Provenance  Dr. Phillip and Patricia Adams Collection, Australia

來源  澳洲 菲利普和帕特里夏亞當斯 醫生夫婦收藏

Exhibition & Publication

The Touch of Devotion ― private Buddhist art collections”, International Antiques Fair, Hong Kong, May 25-29, 2018. Hollywood Galleries. p. 20, no. 9.



“膜拜 · 私人佛教藝術珍藏”


This Lama can be identified as Drukpa Kargupa due to the unusual and distinctive hat. A meditation band, yogapatta, crosses his bare chest. He wears a thin outer cloak covering his shoulders and wrapped around his legs. He is seated with his hands in dhyana mudra (meditation). This statue bears a rich olive patina. It is consecrated and the bottom is sealed with a copper plate 

engraved with a double dorje.

頭戴著獨特和稀有圓帽的上師銅像,可能是竹巴噶舉派上師。 身披僧袍裸露胸膛,由右肩垂下一瑜伽師專用腰帶,與別不同。雙手結禪定印盤膝結跏趺坐於單層大蓮花座上。 造型線條簡單優雅。 底部有暗刻十字金剛杵銅片封藏。

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