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Since 1985 - one of the earliest

Hollywood Galleries was established by Hon Lau and his wife Ellen Ho in 1985, took its base in the ancient sector of Hollywood road near the Hong Kong Man Mo temple where many of the reputable antique shops are centered. They specialized in Buddhist sculptures, paintings and religious works of art with origins from the Himalayas, India, China, and Southeast Asia spanning from 12th to 19th century. Their major expertise is on Tibetan gilt bronze sculptures working in collaboration with private collectors and museums in China and overseas. Their legacy in the art world goes back to the 70's with Hon's father's initiation which set his foundation and inspirations for the next generation. The family business has since been passionately endeavored and continuously extended. 

始於1985年 - 早期古玩店

東寶齋由劉惠漢夫婦創立於1985年,近於香港荷李活道文武廟,專營古代佛教藝術包括塑像丶唐卡丶法器等。 其中以喜馬拉雅山區地區的藏傳佛教鎏金銅像居多,除此之外也有尼泊爾丶中國丶印度丶東南亞藝術作品。 他們在藝術世界的追求可以追溯到70年代已從事於藝術界生意的劉先生的父親,多年與中國及海外的私人收藏家和博物館合作,為他的下一代打好了基礎和靈感。從此家族生意的熱情不斷地延長。

The Team - Lau's

Hon Lau, Ellen Ho, & Andrew Lau

Antiques are commonly presented as standalone pieces today, yet much of their intrinsic value originates from their historical context, the setting within which they were originally positioned. This interactive talk will discuss how objects such as the vajra, phurbu, skull bowl, skull mala beads, hand drums and tiger rugs were used as ritual implements in traditional practice and portrait of important Tibetan lamas of past eras, regarded as the spiritual guides to Enlightenment. An altar will be set-up to show the audience how these objects would have been place and handled. Andrew Lau, honed his interest in Tibetan art from a young age, where he was surrounded by these mysterious objects in his parents’ gallery, Hollywood Galleries. Lau specializes in Himalayan and Chinese Buddhist art, and is keep to introduce this category to a younger generation.



Exhibition & Publication


As many as NINE EXHIBITION CATALOGUES humbly published by us, contact us for more information. 

Image : The Touch of Devotion Private Buddhist Art Collections 膜拜。私人佛教藝術珍藏


International Antique Fair Exhibition 

Annual theme sale exhibition every year in May since 2010 at Hong Kong Convention Centre. 

Gallery Exhibition 

Every year, we aim to maintain a smaller-version exhibition held in our own gallery on 173 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong.

Selection from famous collections

From our past catalogue, you can find artworks from top-class collectors  —  Sir Edward O'Neill / Nyingjei Lam Ireland collection, Dr. Phillip and Patricia Adams Australian collection, King's Art American collection, Gerry and Pamela Virtue Australian collection ...etc. 

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Need the certificate of authenticity?  We are honor to be the only one designated Buddhist antiquities appraiser in Craft and antiquities Hong Kong Association. 需要證書? 我們很榮幸成為香港歷史最悠久的香港藝術品商會唯一指定的佛教文物鑑定師。 

15 years award

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Yes, we care about provenance just like you. 

Such as this 19th century Tibetan Rug belongs to the famous Tea company owner Mimi Lipton collection, published on The Tiger Rugs of Tibet, 1988. Print: p.83 

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